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PROJECTS Power Plant Sector

Tanjung Bin Power Plant, Kukup, Johor, Malaysia.


Tanjung Bin Energy (TBE) power plant, also known as T4, is a new super critical coal-fired power plant developed by Tanjung Bin Energy Issuer, a part of Malakoff Corporation.

The project is located at the southern tip of the West Malaysian Peninsula.

The 1,000MW newly constructed unit is an extension of Malakoff’s existing Tanjung Bin Power Plant (TBPP), which has a generating capacity of 2,100MW.

The boiler has a main steam flow rate of 3,226t/hr, whereas the superheater has an outlet steam pressure of 282barg at a reheat temperature of 600°C.

The plant uses STF 100 steam turbines with one high-pressure, one intermediate and two low-pressure turbines along with a two-pole gigatop hydrogen-cooling technology utilising turbo generator for high efficiency and reliability.

Our work at the Tanjung Bin and Manjung Plants are as follows:

  • Completed fabrication, assembly and installation of non-pressure parts such as fuel gas duct and air ducting.

  • Completed erection of high pressure piping, turbine piping and balance of plant piping for Manjung  #5 Power plant in Perak.


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