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Review Tender Documents & Contracts
Risk Analysis & Monitoring
Project Management
Dispute Claims & Arbitration

Who We Are


Poratha Contracts and Commercial Management Sdn Bhd (PCCM) is a boutique specialist company providing contractual and commercial management services to EPCIC (engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning) Projects in the following Sectors: 


  • Energy - Oil & Gas (offshore & onshore – upstream & downstream), petrochemical, refineries, manufacturing plants and renewables. 

  • Construction (buildings), and 

  • Infrastructure (civil engineering).



Globally, numerous projects, EPCIC or otherwise, suffer schedule and budget overruns leading to severe delays to Projects.


PCCM’s objective is to provide contracts and commercial management services (Services) to ensure that the Projects are completed at the agreed schedule and budget so that clients are able to commence operations of their facilities at the committed start-up dates.  



The Services are provided during the pre-contract and post-contract stages which should ensure that the Projects are completed within schedule and budget in accordance with executed agreements. This is achieved by the astute management and monitoring of risks, interfaces (at all tiers), progress, cost, timely resolution of problems and disputes. The Services are provided alongside with or on behalf of the client. 


PCCM’s aim is to positively engage with various external parties in an environment of “teamwork and transparency” with the intention to get all parties to focus on achieving common goals. Further, PCCM ensures that the client’s tendering and operations teams liaise effectively with other in-house departments. Early resolution of potential risks, problems and any disputes will achieve a positive, “win win” position for all parties.

During the pre-contract stage, PCCM provides contract strategy, reviews, identification of risks and also lead negotiations, all as per client’s brief. The scope of work, schedule and budgets which are crucial documents within a contract will be comprehensive and, capture the obligations and responsibilities of the parties. Potential risks are identified and provisions made to address such risks accordingly prior to the award of any contract.


During the post-contract stage, PCCM provides contract administration ensuring that all parties meet their respective contractual obligations and responsibilities so that Projects are completed successfully within the agreed schedule and budget. 

Such administration targets to minimise and/or contain disputes / delays prior to the completion of Projects which may include the implementation of additional measures  at the early phases of the post-contract stage.


Our Team comprises qualified and experienced experts from the Energy, Construction and Infrastructure Sectors. The Team works closely with its clients to provide cost effective solutions and is headed by a qualified and experienced Director with international experience spanning over 35 years in the stated Sectors.

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