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  • Biomedical 

  • Oil & Gas Energy 

  • Industrial 

  • Motorsport 

  • Automotive 

  • Aviation 

  • Space & Defence

Who We Are


Poratha 3D Metal Printers Sdn Bhd (3DMP) specialise in 3D Laser Scanning and Reverse Engineering services for various industries on physical parts design, blueprints for manufacturing digitisation, 3D design & 2D manufacturing drawings with all required inputs. 


Using our 3D Metal printing technology, we are able to re-create and manufacture parts for obsolete equipment or machinery with hard to find OEM replacements from the original manufacturers. 


The technology is also suitable for one-off or specific engineering applications.


3D Laser Scanning

  • Process : Pre-scan planning.

  • Data Registration & Processing - Compatible for Primitive modelling; 

  • Primitive 3D Modelling - Layout drawing extractions in AutoCAD format;

  • Layout As-built drawing - Drawing Extractions, Direct Comparison/deviation studies with available drawing; 

  • Intelligent Modelling - Using PDMS/SP3D/E3D software, Isometric drawing extraction;


Blueprint to Manufacturing – Reverse Engineering 

  1. Design Library,

  • 3D Digitised Data;

  • 3D CAD Model;

  • 2D Drawings;

  • Material Of Composition (MOC);

  • Limits, Fits & Tolerances; 

  • Treatment Process;

  • Physical & Chemical Properties; 

  • Manufacturing Process Support.


2. Manufacturing & Metallurgy Expert Support; 

3. Design Performance Study FEA & CFD; 

4. Additive Manufacturing; 

5. Inspection & Quality Check.


Typically applications for 3D Metal Printing across industries include,

  • Engine Bench;

  • Heat Exchanger;

  • Exhaust Manifold;

  • Impellers in Super Duplex; 

  • Rocket Propulsion Chamber 3D Printed in Copper; 

  • Fuel Nozzle; 

  • Extrusion Die with Conformal Cooling Channels.

Our highly skilled dedicated specialists together with our Metal & Polymer printing suite of equipment and wide variety of materials cater to a diverse and broad range of sectors.


We further integrate and tailor our services incorporating the customer process to achieve the best possible result and high returns on value. 

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