Piping Fabrication and Installation

Over the years we have garnered vast experience and fine tuned our skills and expertise in the area of pipe fabrication & installation works.


Our dedicated and highly skilled employees are able to fulfill our client's requirements by applying highly innovative engineering solutions when fabrication and installing with the key focus being on:

anitha Equipment layout.

anitha Pipe rack detailing, analyzing, sizing and installing as per isometric drawings.

anitha Analysis of piping specifications which include line study and pipe routing.    Conducting clash check of various pipes, stress analysis of high pressure-temp     lines. Carrying out re-routing of pipes to suit stress analysis, generation of general     arrangement and elevation drawings along which include sections and line number                                                                                                            marking.

anitha Isometric generation.

anitha Bill of material extraction for various materials.

These are just to name a few of the areas we cover as we are constantly enhancing our expertise and experience in this field.

  • To be one of the major players in our specialized and a leading turnkey systems provide for the oil, gas, power, petrochemical, renewable energy and biotechnology industry

  • To participate in more civil related works and to become a major civil engineering company that will in the future participate in government projects

  • To ensure complete client satisfaction through continues improvement on quality, safety and delivery